Sunday, December 10, 2017

Prayer For You

Loving Father, we thank you for teaching us from Paul’s Epistle to Philemon on how to be excellent Brother’s Keepers – a selfless journey worth pursuing and staying on. Father, as we desire to reflect Christ more and more and to establish the kingdom of heaven here on earth, we choose not to stop pursuing wisdom from the word because it is the only sure way to do so.

So far we have learned that in order to be a brother’s keeper, we will work as a team, live accountable lifestyles, remain prayerful, praise and rejoice with and for one another. Reconcile. We will be considerate, we will encourage and forgive. We will keep likeminded companionships and develop trustworthy character traits and more.

We take authority over any and every desire to live mediocre lifestyles and settle for the status quo. We refuse to be shortchanged in life. We choose to experience victory in every relationship we engage in. We will not barely make it in life; we will live excellently and prevail in every situation because we are knowledgeable about what your word says concerning that situation.

We are so grateful that you love us so much not to live us in the dark. We do not take this for granted. We receive the grace, ability, and willingness to do as expected. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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