Sunday, December 10, 2017

Know Your Place

Something very outstanding is revealed to us in this epistle that should not go unnoticed. We are taught to be knowledgeable about our place in the lives of the people we associate with. Let’s look at this together – Paul related with several people in this Epistle and I want us to see the progression and differences of the relationships.

When Paul related with Timothy, he referred to him as my brother/our brother (Philemon 1:1b)
When Paul related with Philemon, he referred to him as a good friend and companion (fellow laborer/worker, co-worker (Philemon 1:1c)
When Paul related with Onesimus, he referred to him as his spiritual child (Philemon 1:10a)

As you practice to become an effective and excellent brother’s keeper, your success will become even more evident when you do so skillfully and knowledgeably - by knowing your place in the life of the person you relate with and also knowing their place in your life. It will save you so much confusion and lack of direction. It will create a healthy platform for discussions and interactions. It will completely eliminate vain living.

Knowing your place will also increase your influence in the life of the person. Do not be quick to relate with others without vision and purpose. It is possible to influence and impact relationships. This can only happen when you prayerfully know your place in the life of the person and their place in your life. Amen.

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