Sunday, December 9, 2018

Kingdom Approach To Relationship - Relationship Is Spiritual

So far, we have seen some principles that are very helpful in any and every relationship.
        Our heavenly Father loves relationships (association between persons) and when He created man, he intended to have relationship with man (Gen 1:26-27; Gen 3:8; Lev 26:12).
        Man was designed to have relationships; first with God, then other humans (Mark 12:30-31; Gen 2:18a).
        The bible is the manual that provides us with the tools necessary to build lasting and successful relationships (Ps 119:105).
        Our ability to build lasting and successful relationships is determined by how well we implement the tools provided to us from the manual (the bible).
        The successful relationship has the potential of influencing many generations (Joshua 24:15, 31; Judges 2:7). As a result, we cannot undermine how we do relationships.
        In order to properly build relationships, we need to understand ourselves and the person in whom we are in relationship with (John 4:24a). 

The principles mentioned so far are standard relationship principles. Whether you are relating with God or human, these principles will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes. This truth might be very new to you. But know this, the aspect of relationship (any relationship) is spiritual, not ungodly nor carnal. Relationship is a spiritual thing! When we say relationship is God’s idea, we simply mean it is a godly idea. When something is godly, by implication, the principles that govern that thing ought to be godly in order for it to succeed.
So, do yourselves a favor to approach all relationships from a godly standard point. Any relationship you choose to approach from an ungodly or carnal perspective, will not succeed. It is just a matter of time. Please, take what we are saying very seriously. It is impossible to live without relating and if that is the case, wouldn’t you save yourself the pain by doing it right the first time? Every lesson in life must not be learned by personal experience. Learn from the word of God and glean from those who have gone ahead of you. Amen.
You will agree that even in a carnal or ungodly relationship, the participants demand godly standards in order to keep up with the relationship? There are many examples we could look at on this aspect. However, let’s limit our examples to what scriptures have to say about the kingdom key of attraction. Not physical attraction per se.

Proverbs 19:22 (NLT)
Loyalty makes a person attractive.
    It is better to be poor than dishonest.

This is a general principle. Whether or not you are loyal to a believer or unbeliever, you become attractive. But guess what? Loyalty is a godly attribute not a carnal or ungodly. But when applied in a relationship that is carnal or ungodly, it produces results.

Wealth is another aspect. We understand that wealth is not limited to finances and it also includes your degree of resourcefulness.

Proverbs 19:4 (NIV)
Wealth attracts many friends, but even the closest friend of the poor person deserts them

Notice that it did not say the kind of friends (believing or unbelieving friends). There is a tendency for this scripture to materialize in any relationship, passively or actively. There is something about poverty that repels a person from it and because poverty is associated with a living person, you repel from the person in question. Amen.
These are truths that we must come to terms with, otherwise, we will keep relating ignorantly and failing, then blaming God in the process.

Let’s conclude today’s teaching by saying this, it is possible to live pain free in a relationship. Whether or not you are able to wrap your mind and accept this truth, it does not matter. To think otherwise will mean you question the quality of God that talks about His goodness and more. Amen!


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