Sunday, November 18, 2018

Prayer For You

Father, we thank you for teaching us this season the significance of destiny and decisions. We understand that every decision made defines destiny. We are forever grateful for your word that provides us with the wisdom, knowledge and understanding to make spirit led and sound decisions. Through biblical characters, we have highlighted the outcomes of destiny defining decisions. Therefore, on the foundation of these understandings and revelations, we will grow and develop more excellent decision making skills. I decree and declare the following upon you;

-The decisions you make at every given time and season of your life will be in accordance to the word of God for you. Your abundance or wilderness will not be determining factors of your decisions.
-That you will make quality decisions that will produce quality results. No decision made from your end will be meant to be a quick fix for your situation but rather a decision that will stand the test of time.
-That you will praise your way through the challenges of life and not collapse under external societal, family, and work pressures in decision making.
-That you will live a life conscious of this truth that as someone who has accepted Jesus as Lord over your life, He remains king even in decision making. He will have the final say in your life.
-That whatever veils your decision making be taken away now in Jesus name.
-That by virtue of your understanding, you are rising up to a place where life and lifestyle becomes a formal event not a casual gathering for idle people. You will approach every situation including decision making with a sense of urgency and purpose, giving it your utmost best with the wisdom of God in you.
-Because you know that distractions are inevitable in decision making, you will live conscious of this truth and rise above distractions by not submitting to them as you identify them.
-That the Father will restore all that you have lost as a result of poor decisions made in the past and that He will grant you speed in this new season to accomplish all that you ought to, as you make the right decisions and implement.
-That you will not shortchange yourself and your destiny by living a lifestyle of disobedience.
-We call forth your destiny helpers that wherever, they are the Lord will align you and them this season so that you can receive the help you need. May your spiritual eyes be open to recognize them.

In Jesus Name, we pray. Amen.

Destiny Helpers! Their Role Vary

As we continue to look at the account of Lot and how he had to make a destiny-defining decision, we get to understand that at all times and especially at critical moments in our lives, God himself has not abandoned the destiny defining decisions to us. He helps us. In this dispensation, we have the Holy Spirit who is our Helper. We have the Word of God. We have the Father Himself. We have ministering angels and we have children of God divinely placed to provide us with the assistance that we need. Whether or not we identify these help mediums, does not take away from the truth that help has been readily made available.

When it comes to people as destiny helpers, pray and ask the Father to help you first, develop love for people. Then also pray that your eyes will be open to recognizing whom God has divinely placed in your path to provide you with assistance. What you do with the help provided is your decision. The angels provided help to Lot in many ways. They were bent on seeing him and his family saved the proper way but Lot decided otherwise.

The role of destiny helpers in your life will vary depending on your situation. Let’s examine a few from scripture:
There are people the Lord will bring into your life who cannot help you but they know someone who can help you. They are called divine connectors - they will connect you to the help you need. 2 Kings 5 - Naaman and the little girl.
There are others whom at critical moments in your life, provide counsel/advice that will forever change your destiny for good. Exodus 18 - Jethro and Moses
Another category of destiny helpers are influential people who will talk well about you in high places and as a result, unusual doors of opportunities will open up for you. Genesis 40 - Joseph and the Baker.
Also there are some faithful people the Lord may bring into your lives that will serve many purposes. People who will share your burden with you on your way to destiny. People who will hold the ladder for you as you continually climb up to a place of victory, encouraging you all the way through. And people who simply believe in your vision and will do all it takes to stay with you until your vision becomes a reality.

So, whatever the case might be for you, our goal is for you to see that even as you make destiny defining decisions, help is available. True enough the Father determines purpose and we determine our destiny. However, we are never without help and direction if we choose to yield to it.


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