Sunday, November 19, 2017

MEN - Prayer For You

Caring Father, thank you for teaching us from your word through the lives of Enoch and Noah. They walked with you. In your Word, we see the various ways in which they pleased you in their walk. We have learned and we are making a quality decision this day to begin walking with you and for those who are already walking with you, we will aim higher, we will improve, we will grow, we will study and properly represent you.

We have decided to make decisions today that will have a godly, positive and lasting impact on us and generations to come. Like Enoch and Noah, we will walk with you, we will establish a solid foundation, we will leave a legacy, we will finish strong, we will aim higher and we will be practical in our relationship with you through obedience, prioritizing, properly leading our families and more.

We use this opportunity to pray for the men in every household - receive grace to become all that you need to be; be the example in your circle; be the change you want to see in the lives of others; separate yourselves from amongst them, standout and be unique; live on purpose and with purpose; pursue godliness; raise the standards; influence the people around you with the Word; lead with godly authority and wisdom from above; challenge those who look up to you with your words and lifestyle. For the glory of the Lord.

Father, we will be the light of the world; letting our light shine so bright that men will see our good works and glorify You. Thank you for the Word that is readily available to us. Thank you Holy Spirit for being our teacher. Indeed, we are grateful for the grace that has been available to us.

In Jesus Name. Amen.

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