Sunday, November 19, 2017

MEN - Be Practical

Walking with God is a quality decision worth making. The effectiveness of this decision can be demonstrated through maintaining godly standards and values. It will require setting the pace, pioneering new territories, daring to be different even when the majority settle for the status quo. It may even require losing some companionships. Live an exceptional lifestyle irrespective of what those around you chose to do with their lives. We are told that Enoch and Noah walked with God. They made the most out of what was available to them.

Even more, has been made available to us in this dispensation. By implication, we can dare to aim even higher. We have the privilege of referring to God as Father by virtue of our relationship with Him, Grace has been made available to us, as His children, we have the Holy Spirit living within us, we have access to the Word and when we chose to study, we can be guaranteed that He will teach us if we ask Him, there are numerable promises in His word for us, we also have the privilege of knowing His unchanging character over time. The list goes on.

Very little is said about the lifestyle of Enoch, however, let’s examine and learn a few qualities of Noah’s life that made him outstanding in his walk with the Father (read Genesis 6,7,8,9,10)
-Noah had godly values, he reverenced God the Father and lived in obedience to Him even when the wickedness around him seemed to be increasing. (Gen 6).
-God the Father could entrust Noah with specific instructions and also trust that the instructions will be implemented, unaltered. (Gen 7:5; 7:9c).
-Noah’s obedience led to his household being saved from the flood. (Gen 7:1; 7:7).
-Noah prioritized the things of God. When Noah, His family, and all the animals got off the ark, the first thing Noah did was to build an altar to the LORD. (Gen: 20).

These are just a hand full of things Noah did which were practical outstanding steps in his walk with God the Father.
So, what will it take to structure your life such that you give attention to your walk with the Father? If your testimony is that of one who is walking with the Father, how can you improve? An attempt to live in mediocrity in any aspect of life is a huge disfavor to yourself and your generation.

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