Sunday, May 13, 2018

Revealing A lifestyle of Excellence - Prayer For You

Father, thank you for teaching us this season using the life of Jethro as an example. He was indeed a man who lived a lifestyle of exceptional qualities. We say thank you, Father, for your word this season because through it, our eyes have been opened to see the benefits of living a godly life by how we represent ourselves. We have been privileged to get a better understanding of the benefits of godly counsel. Also, we have learned how important it is for us to live accountable lifestyles to you, our family and the people around us. And as a way of becoming even more efficient in our duties, our eyes have been opened to see that wearing multiple hats is not unusual and we can get better in the various areas of responsibilities.

Therefore, Father, we declare this day that we are moving from a place of mediocrity to a place of excellence. Excellence in our speech, excellence in our work/duties, excellence in how we carry ourselves and represent you, excellence in our knowledge of who you are, excellence in our study of your word; excellence in whom and what we choose to keep company with; excellence in how we care for our families; excellence in the management and use of resources; excellence in our stewardship; excellence in how we give and receive information; excellence all around.

Father, we are grateful to know that it is possible to live an excellent lifestyle. I declare today that your children will receive grace to grow, excel and prevail. In Jesus Name. Amen. 

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