Sunday, May 6, 2018

Revealing A lifestyle of Excellence - The Power of Efficiency

Jethro was a priest in Midian, he was a father to seven daughters, he was a father-in-law and he was also a grandfather.

-        As a priest in Midian, he served God. He had an intimate relationship with God
-        As a father to seven daughters and family man, he exercised his fatherly responsibilities by showing care and vigilance towards his children and the activities surrounding the home.
-        As a father-in-law, he maintained his rightful place, showed concern for his in law, and offered help where needed.
-        As a grandfather, he made himself available and offered protection to his grandchildren and their mother in the absence of their Father (Moses).

Wearing multiple hats is not unusual as we can see from Jethro’s life. The question to us is this – how efficient are we in the various roles God has entrusted to our care? If you are listening and you are unable to relate with Jethro in this season of your life. The question for you is this; are you seeking opportunities to equip yourself so that you can become even better at the things you do now? It is not enough to be too busy. It is better to be fruitful and productive. Let your impact be felt in your immediate environment and beyond. Touch lives in the best way you can. Make a difference. Narrow down your activities and purpose in your heart to do only what is relevant not just the good things.
Leave a positive print where ever you go. You might decide to visit with a family, when you do, share the love of God with them. You may go to the grocery store to shop, while there, be a blessing by paying for another’s grocery. You might be a parent, besides your mundane duties, raise up exceptional children for the glory of the Lord. Amen.

Jethro brought Moses’ family to him and while there he was able to make a difference in the life of Moses by teaching Moses how to effectively delegate and efficiently manage human resources for God’s glory. As a result, Moses’ leadership style changed for good. Amen.

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