Sunday, April 22, 2018

Walk with the Wise – Seek Help and Guidance

-Your success in any and every companionship relationship is only possible when you have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord of your life.
-When you do, you receive a wonderful gift, the person of the Holy Spirit. The Bible refers to Him as the Helper (John 14:26).

-As you begin walking with the Holy Spirit, you can be confident that when you seek help from Him, He will help you. When you seek guidance from Him, He will guide you.
-You may need help building up your identity through the Word because this will help you know who you are, help shape your values and open up your eyes to new possibilities about life. A desire to fit in any and every circle is one reason why most people wound up in with the wrong company.

-Before engaging yourself or your family into companionship relationships, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. First, find out from Him if you should pursue or not. He will respond to you because He speaks.

-Above all, enjoy life even as you make quality decisions in your companionship relationships and remember to show yourself friendly.

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