Sunday, April 22, 2018

Walk with the Wise – Be Led

-Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you in and out of companionship relationships because that is the godly way. Depend on Him to teach you about the seasons of your life and how to approach each season. Permit Him to lead you to the next book to read, to the next show to watch, to the next message to listen, to the next person to visit, to the next topic to study on, Amen!
-Always live conscious of the fact that relationship is God’s idea and unless it is done according to His design, we will not experience the full benefits.
-Be confident that you are not being deprived and you will not be deprived of what is yours.
-Do not fear missing out on anything. Remember that your Father loves you and has your best interest.
-Settle it with you that His principles are final and His promises are sure.
-Purpose to build your life and companionships on the foundation of His principles. Amen.
-Do not waver! Stay on course! Amen.

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