Sunday, May 5, 2019

God Gives “Generously”

1)     God Gives “Generously”
The impartiality of God’s giving is a reflection of His generosity. If you are impartial, the scope of your interest through giving is beyond your comfort zone and beyond the people you know and are interested in. To be generous is to show readiness to give more of something. We are still looking at John 3:16 as our verse of interest. God was generous with the only gift He had for man’s redemption. He did not hold back. How then do we categorize generosity and the Father’s giving if indeed generosity is to show readiness to give more of something. The Father had one son, Jesus. Who else would He have given? In the kingdom, the quality of your gift is most important than the quantity. There are times when you will have good quality and quantity, however, quality precedes quantity. The Father was so generous with His most priceless gift to a place where He was willing to give up that gift for people who indeed did not qualify. This is a very deep and profound revelation of giving. Most people truly give because they feel that the other person deserves what they have to offer. Others give after private investigations to find out if what they have to offer will be accepted. None of such considerations were made by the Father. He had a priceless gift to offer, He offered it freely to “whosoever”. Whosoever believes in Jesus, will not perish but have eternal life. Meaning the name tag of everyone on earth can be attached to that gift if the individual makes a decision to accept Jesus as Lord of their lives.

Another attitude I will like for us to learn from the Father is that there is a time sensitivity tag and obedience attached to your generosity. Meaning, yes! You should be ready to give more of something, your quality should precede your quantity. However, it should be the thing that God the Father is asking you to give. You should not give more of something just because you have an abundance of it. It is not wrong but that is where obedience comes in. Giving when instructed to and giving what you have been instructed to give as well. Amen.

Let’s look at this example together. The death of a life was the only remedy for our justification. I want you to understand that it wasn’t just the death of any life, but the life of His son, Jesus. What if God decided to sow an animal life first or the life of another human and say you know what, I will show the life of my son later? Think about the risks involved in that thought process. That decision would not have been time sensitive and it would not have been in line with the word. I hope we all agree with that?

Here is the point, God gives generously yet His generosity is guided by time and principles. So, in conclusion, God gives generously, and what we learn from His generosity is that quality precedes quantity, and His generosity is guided by time and principles.

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