Sunday, May 26, 2019

Examine "Your" Instrumentality

Welcome family to this series titled “Examine Your Instrumentality”. Just like the title states, the goal of this series is to probe you to a place where you physically and spiritually examine your instrumentality. To “examine” is to inspect someone or something in detail, to determine their nature and condition; to investigate thoroughly. “Instrumentality” is the quality of serving as an instrument. This series is a call to examine “your” instrumentality not someone else’s. It is a call to take inventory of your life, not another person’s life. With these understandings, you will agree with me that it is not a casual activity. It has to be done intentionally for the purpose of re-strategizing where needed; improve where needed and introduce excellence in the already successful areas. This series will serve as a tool to help navigate you through the thought processes and the many things you ought to do in order to properly look into the details of your life, your purpose, your vision, your lifestyle.
As you listen, I will like you to begin thinking – how instrumental am I to the Father, the Lord God my creator? How instrumental am I in the lives of the people around me? How instrumental am I to the world I live in and to the situations I encounter? Another way to ask this question is “What am I living for? Whom am I living for? How does my family, my neighborhood, my county or province, my world benefit because I am alive?

Whatever the questions you ask and however you choose to ask them, one thing remains, the goal is to evaluate yourself and begin making the necessary changes. There is always room for improvement when we think we have failed and when we think we are very successful. Please do not live another day idle. Do not live another day doing things that are destructive to you or to your environment. Rather, invest your life, your time, your resources for kingdom advancement.
It all starts with you. How willing are you to invest in yourself to a place where you can begin investing in others. As we all know, heaven and hell are real. My final questions to you today are these; “Who will make heaven because you led them to the saving knowledge of salvation and they accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord of their life? “Whose life has been destroyed by you; be it through your words or your actions.

Together, we will learn from the word of God how people were instrumental in the lives of others and how that changed them forever. We will carefully identify these instruments of change and look at different ways in which we too can become instruments of change in the lives of other people. Stay tuned.

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