Sunday, March 3, 2019

Let Us Agree In Prayers

My prayer for you is that of an agreement
i)                Receive grace to consciously develop a desire to approach relationships from a kingdom perspective.
ii)              Study the word in order to understand how to do relationships better.
iii)            Understand your place in the context of relationship and excel in it.
iv)            Become an asset in your relationships by consciously equipping yourself with relational skills.
v)              That you will not depend on your wisdom in order to do relationships but you will depend on the wisdom of the almighty God.
vi)            That you will be a great example in your relationships. Sharpening those with whom you are in relationships as they do likewise.
vii)           That your success in relationships will increase as your failed relationships decrease.
viii)         That you will seek opportunities to invest in yourself so that you become an outgiver of the revealed truths as concerns relationship.
ix)            That relationship will no longer be a topic you shy away from but a topic you embrace not from a place of perfection but of godliness.

Therefore, Father my prayers for us all is that because we now know better, we will choose to grow, choose to live excellently and choose to prevail in the area of relationships.
In Jesus Name. Amen.

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