Sunday, March 31, 2019

God Is "King"

Psalm 10:16a
The LORD is King for ever and ever;
Emphasis Mine

God is King and He is king over all creation and He remains King forever. This is a very significant aspect of our relationship with Him. It is important that even as we enjoy diversity in our relationship with Him, we should not lose sight of this aspect. He is King over us not from a domineering perspective, but from a love.

There are many aspects to His kingship, however, this is what I want us to see in the context of relationship. Relationship requires orderliness. There must be an authority that you bow to when in relationship in terms of your standards and values. By this, I mean that there is no place for indifference in relationship. We are either implementing kingdom values or worldly values. If we choose kingdom values, understand that God is the author of kingdom values.

Therefore, when you relate with Him, reverence these aspects of Him. Allow Him to teach you His ways, in the context of relationship. Do not undermine His kingship by choosing your way over His. If you do, there are consequences to that. Also, when you yield to the kingdom values, there are benefits.

Throughout scripture, we see men and women who upheld kingdom values in their relationship with the King.
Abraham and Moses are men in the bible who had high regard for the King and it was evidenced by the obedience to Him. As they enjoyed different aspects of His relational attributes, they did not lose sight of His authority as King.
The Apostle Paul is also a great example of one who lived an intimate relationship with the King, yet never regarded himself at any point, to be higher than Him.
We can learn from these individuals by doing likewise. It is a privilege to enjoy this relational attribute of God the Father. Amen.

       In addition to everything we have said about the king and the kingdom, I will us to understand that there is a deeper and more intimate way to enjoy the kingship and this will be through His son Jesus Christ. We will look at that subsequently.

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