Sunday, October 28, 2018

Destiny Moves At The Speed of Your Decisions

How far and how fast you go in life is dependent on a decision or series of decisions. A decision takes you a step closer or steps away from destiny and destination.

Genesis 19:17 (NLT)
Run for your lives.
Emphasis Mine

The angel said, “run”. That was the instruction which required participation unto obedience. You can choose to run, walk, or take a stroll. Whatever the means, never forget that your destiny moves at the speed of your decisions. How you choose to implement the word received on your way to destiny will determine how fast you will get there. Many words received from the Father are very time sensitive and could be a matter of death or life. That was the case with Lot and his family.

What about Esther (in the book of Esther)? When she received news from her Uncle Mordecai that Haman had plans to alienate the Jews, one-time sensitive decision from her, altered the destiny of the Jews. Without which they would have been alienated. (Esther 3-5)
Nehemiah is another example of one who made a time-sensitive decision as well that preserved the lives and destinies of the Jews. Hearing that the wall of Jerusalem was in ruins, he made a decision to step up and coordinate the rebuilding of the wall and he did so in 52days. (Nehemiah 6:15).
When we look at the case of Naomi and Ruth in the book of Ruth, Ruth made a decision to stay with Naomi, saying, where Naomi goes, she will go; Naomi’s God and people will be her God and her people and where Naomi dies, she will die. This was Ruth’s decision and I want us to see how this time-sensitive decision birthed a lineage that will be forever appreciated.

Please do not be a victim of casual decision making. When it comes to decision making, apply the right principles accordingly. When required to run, run! When required to walk, do so and do not hesitate to take a step back either.

A decision made for yourself or on behalf of others needs to be treated with a sense of urgency and caution knowing that every life matters before our Father and the outcome of any decision may either bless a person or leave them broken.

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