Sunday, September 2, 2018

You Encounter Many Aspects of His Character

In 1 Kings 17, many aspects of the character of our Father were demonstrated which are still relevant to us today.
When Elijah received the word from the Lord as seen in this chapter,
-The Faithfulness of God the Father was revealed in that Elijah saw the fulfillment of all that the Lord had specifically told him.
God told him to hide at the brook Cherith, drink from it and expect to be fed by the Ravens. It happened just as He said.
God told Him to go to Zarephath and a widow will provide for Him. It happened just as the Lord said.
-We see God in this chapter as a God of provisions. He provided for Elijah, the widow of Zarephath and her family. His provisions were not limited to food and water but also extended to protection and life.
-We see God demonstrate His resurrection power by raising the widow’s son from the dead.
-We also see His love being demonstrated. We understand that God is love and God has love and he demonstrates this love in many ways in this particular chapter. Love is patient and love is kind; these aspects are demonstrated when the Father patiently waited for the word he released to Elijah and the word He released to the widow through Elijah, to come to fulfillment. Amen!

When we do not allow Him to lead the directions of life, we rub ourselves from the one way of knowing His character. So, I encourage you to permit the Father to be all that He should be in your life.

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