Sunday, September 30, 2018

Judah vs Moab

Please, never get to a place where food becomes of such vital importance that you consciously replace praise with food. The question is this; How far will you go for the sake of food? What and who are you willing to jeopardize just because of food? Do not get me wrong. Food is good and only good for the purpose for which it serves. However, when it becomes a primary focus to a place where lives and destiny are negatively affected, I call it idolatry and call on you to take a second look at the priority/priorities you place on food.
Listen, it was because of hunger that Elimelech decided for himself and his family to leave the house of bread and the place of praise to a land of idolatry.

This may seem so absurd until I take you to the book of Luke 4:1-2. When you look at the life of Jesus, you will agree with me that he understood what food can do to a person. Before Jesus began the ministry, we are told that he was led into the wilderness by the Spirit where for 40days he was tempted by the devil and he ate nothing during this time.

One may say, oh well, Jesus was fasting so there was no need for food. But if you know his story well, you also know that he was tempted to turn stones to bread. And he had the power to do so but did not.
I emphasize so much on food because it is one aspect that a son of God needs to come to terms with. Food should never be a determining factor in your life. By this I mean, do not consult food or food should not be the foundation of a destiny-defining decision. It is a very costly route to pursue.

So, Judah vs Moab? Symbolically, Praise vs Idolatry? Which would you prefer?
I encourage you to praise your way through your famine as you rely on His promises than settle for idolatry.

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