Sunday, September 9, 2018

Conclusion / Let Us Pray

In summary, we have seen some benefits when we allow God’s word to determine the seasons of our lives. In this series, we have seen that directions, supernatural provisions, satisfaction, protection, service, influence, accommodation are guaranteed when God’s word determines the seasons of our lives. We have also seen that God is glorified, we become a source of encouragement to others and our expectations and outcomes become clear.
Some of the requirements in order to be successful, include Love, Faith, Obedience, Understanding, and Vigilance. And lastly, we will not be discouraged because our challenges become stepping stones, we will encounter many aspects of His character in the process and we will function with confidence. And we will always remember that his word to us is very unique to us. Amen.

Therefore, Father, we say thank you for teaching us this season about the importance of your word in our lives using 1 Kings 17. I decree and declare that from this day forward your word to us is the final check before we proceed in any direction in life. We say “No” to confusion, “No” to stagnation, “No” to distractions, “No” to human opinions and “No” to being a non-entity in society.
Your word has been tested and proven to bring forth results therefore on the foundation of this truth about your word, we will guard every word received from you and implement it unaltered, protect it as we await the day and season of manifestation.
I decree and declare that your mind, your will and emotions will not get in the way when I receive the word from the Lord for me. I choose to surrender the directions of my life to you.
We receive grace, strength, wisdom, knowledge and understanding as we proceed.
We choose to allow your word to be the transforming tool of our lives.
As a way of expressing our agreement with you concerning your word to us, we will be prompt to obey at all levels.

Thank you Father. In Jesus Name we have prayed. Amen.

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