Sunday, August 19, 2018

Understanding Is Required

In order for God’s word to determine the seasons of your life, you need to understand “the word” for you during that season. In 1 Kings 17, when the word of the Lord came to Elijah with instructions as mentioned in verse 2 and verse 8, the word spoken by the Lord was specific to Elijah for that season. Remember that the drought was declared when King Ahab ruled Israel, however, I am not certain how much surface area the drought covered. It, therefore, means that many people were affected by the drought and many survived the drought as well. However, the survivors were not sustained by the same “word” that came to Elijah. Elijah’s sustenance during this season of his life was somehow tied to “the words” he received from the Lord on different occasions. Amen!

Another point worth mentioning here is that “the word” that came to Elijah was not a written word. The bible does not tell us that Elijah read scriptures somehow and understood what needed to be done. The word came to him; another translation says that the Lord spoke to him. This is very significant because it exposes us to the many ways that the Father speaks to us. Elijah did not read scripture and suddenly got a revelation out of it, rather he received a direct word from the Lord which is equally important. Amen!

So, as you make up your mind this season to allow God’s word to determine the season of your life, remember the following;
-He could speak to you through scriptures by revealing Himself to you beyond the pages of your bible.
-You could receive a direct word from Him by Him speaking to you directly.
Whatever, the case, purpose in your heart to understand what He is saying. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you understanding. Is the word for you as a person or is it not for someone else? Amen!

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