Sunday, July 22, 2018

Service Is Guaranteed

When God’s word determines the seasons of your life, he strategically positions you to be a blessing to others through services. When Elijah went to Zarephath as instructed by God’s Word. He met the widow and her son and over a period of time of staying together, the widow’s son died. God used Elijah to pray for her son who eventually came to life. Amen!

This is very significant because the shift in the seasons of our lives could be for selfless reasons. Yet, we may never know the outcome of a season if we do not boldly step into it as instructed by the Word. So, when it comes to living in the right seasons of our lives, always remember that God has the bigger picture. He values your service to others so endeavor to avail yourselves.
In this case, it was raising the dead. In your case, it might be preaching the message of salvation, or feeding the hungry, or visiting the homeless, etc.

Another season might require that all the resources are directed towards you. Amen. When the word came to Elijah earlier in this chapter, the ravens brought bread and meat to Elijah every morning and evening. And a brook was available for his personal consumption.

I encourage you to remain vigilant to the Word and respond accordingly. Service is guaranteed; you will be served or you will serve. Amen.

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