Sunday, June 10, 2018

Add Value To Others And Build Others

When Jesus was on earth, amongst the many things that He did, He specialized in adding value to people’s lives and building them up. He healed the sick, raised the dead, He cast out demons, comforted the oppressed, encouraged the depressed, taught the word, provided food to the hungry, quenched the thirst of the thirsty, prayed for people, and more.

He purposefully added value to the lives of many and built the lives of people. Anyone who lives a godly life or seeks to live a godly life, adds value to the people around. You may say “I do not know what to do in order to add value and build up others”. Ask the Father to show you what to do. Begin with one person and before you know it, you will be reaching many.

Praying for others and reaching out to others by sharing the word with them are the two most accessible ways of adding value to their lives and building them up.

When you begin investing in the lives of others, you are consciously and actively activating the principle of seedtime and harvest and a time will come when you and the people you build will reap a good harvest. Amen.

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