Sunday, March 18, 2018

Keep Company With The Word - Teach and Speak

Teaching is simply passing on information in the best way that can be understood by the receiver. With that in mind, everyone can teach another person something. Seek opportunities to pass on what you learn.  Purpose in your heart to have a godly impact in the lives of the people God brings your way. So, when you study the Word, Meditate on the Word, listen to the Word and Watch the Word; you can certainly teach the Word. Not so much as to be called a teacher; however, enough to pass on revelation in a way that the receiver understands. There must be something that you are able to learn through all these various ways of keeping company with the Word, that you can pass on to others in order to be a blessing to them.

As you teach, continue to seek more avenues to challenge your knowledge and growth in the Word. Such as enrolling in some bible schools, scheduling yourself to study more, read more, etc.
When it comes to speaking the Word as a way of keeping company with the Word; seek opportunities to associate your spoken words with scriptures.  Let your identity be known where ever you find yourself even by your spoken words.

When you speak, your listeners should be able to associate your speech with your character. There should be no confusion; there should be no difference. Amen. Your speech should be one of the tangible evidence that indeed you have been keeping company with the Word. When faced with any kind of situation, let your words align with scripture. Consistently.
By so doing, you are keeping company with the Word.

There is no time when being godly is unacceptable. It is an acceptable lifestyle for a child of God. Do not be the person who picks and chooses when and when not to be godly. Be an example everywhere, every day. Amen.


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